"Naamkaran" is a traditional Hindu naming ceremony that takes place a few days after a child's birth. It is a significant ritual where the newborn baby is formally given a name. The word "Naamkaran" is derived from Sanskrit, where "naam" means "name" and "karan" means "to make.

The ceremony typically involves close family members and friends gathering to celebrate the arrival of the newborn and participate in the naming process. The chosen name is often selected based on cultural or religious significance, family traditions, or personal preferences of the parents.

During the ceremony, prayers may be offered to seek blessings for the baby's well-being and future prosperity. Additionally, gifts and blessings are often bestowed upon the child by relatives and guests as a symbol of love and support.

Naamkaran holds great cultural and spiritual significance in Hindu tradition, symbolizing the formal introduction of the child to the family and community. It is considered an auspicious occasion that marks the beginning of the child's journey in the world with their chosen identity.